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Small Screen Pop’s First Anniversary! Birthday-Themed Episodes From Leave It to Beaver, Scarecrow and Mrs. King, and More

By Karen A. Romanko

Small Screen Pop has its first anniversary today, and what better way to celebrate than re-visiting some classic birthday episodes from TV shows of the past.

Our first stop is the fifties, where the always charming series Leave It to Beaver confronts the perennial issue of what to do with a hideous birthday gift. Everyone’s favorite TV mom June Cleaver (Barbara Billingsley) deals with that thorny problem in “June’s Birthday” (1959), when son Beaver (Jerry Mathers) gives her a “ghastly” print blouse emblazoned with twin Eiffel Towers on the front and the words “Ooo-La-La” on the back. June agrees to wear the blouse to a Mothers’ Club tea the next day, but changes her outfit after husband Ward (Hugh Beaumont) fears embarrassment. When Beaver’s class gives a surprise performance at the meeting, Beaver is devastated when he sees that June is not wearing the present he thinks is so beautiful. With some difficulty, June manages to soothe Beaver’s hurt feelings in a touch…

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