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The Beat Goes On, Part II: Rock and Pop on Shindig! and Hullabaloo

by Karen A. Romanko

The mid-sixties were an exhilarating and fertile period in the history of rock music. The Beatles burst upon the American scene in 1964, and before you could say “mop-top,” an entire British invasion had followed them, taking our shores by musical storm. Variety series, such as The Ed Sullivan Show and The Hollywood Palace, listened to the call of youth, featuring rock and pop acts like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and Petula Clark. An exciting time! But those shows were geared toward the whole family, parents included, so we cool kids had to wait through plate-spinning and knife-throwing acts to get to the good stuff.

Then something miraculous happened. In September 1964, a scant seven months after the Beatles had first appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show, a series called Shindig! debuted in prime time on ABC, and suddenly there was a music show just for us. No one over 30 was invited (or so it seemed). An A to Z of rock groups, from the Animals to the Zombies, m…

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